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About Us

The elevator business and industry are an amazing career.  This career poses opportunity but also comes with hard work and risk. Risk is why Elevator Champions for Charity is in existence.  We are here to help reduce fatal incidents or accidents to field employees and offer financial assistance.

Don started his career in the elevator industry as a helper in 1986 and spent his first 10 years in the field repairing, installing, testing, and troubleshooting elevators. Mr. Gelestino started his own company in 1993 and operates an elevator company to date.   His valuable knowledge, along with his assembled team can offer expertise and forward thinking to help the elevator industry become safer, more educated, while helping accident victims.

Its not a matter of if, it is a matter of when, and to whom will the next tragic elevator workplace related accident bestowed upon us. All companies, large, small, with or without great safety plans, policies, and practices, will unfortunately, be subject to such accidents.  Employees are human and tend to become overly confident, including seasoned technicians and make mistakes when they are new and learning… all industry employees can simply forget a step or process that can become a critical or fatal mistake.  This will leave families, companies, employees, and the riding public devastated, concerned, and scared of the elevator industry.

Donald Gelestino

Founder and CEO

Change A Life Today

Together we can make a difference. One small step at a time but together. Remember “An accident Changes More Than A Life”.